Rosli Mansor

I have been working with Singapore artist-musician Rosli Mansor since 2006. Rosli’s career in the music industry has seen him from being a guitar instructor to a artist-musician, of which he has two guitar instrumental albums under his belt, Dragged and Deeper Than Purple.

My work with Rosli had me undertake photo and occasional video coverage for his events and performances, as well as writing for his blog at

Rosli Mansor Marshall amp Gibson guitar

Rosli Mansor What The Moon Said Concert

What The Moon Said Concert (2012)


Personal Work

When I can find the time, I love to explore and play around with my collection of photos and videos amassed over a period of time. Sometimes, a sudden spark will trigger or inspire me to create from scratch, with hopes of bringing a simple message across to my audience.

Some of these images and videos can be viewed on my personal Facebook and Vimeo pages.







Event Photography

I picked up a film camera in my young days and growing up I have gone through a roster of cameras since then. I was so happy that I could take images of the places I’d been to and keep them forever should my memory fail me.

Then one day, I discovered I could do a lot more with a camera and that’s how my interest snowballed into what it is today.

Besides my main workhorses, Canon 5D Mark III and 6D DSLRs, my iPhone 7 Plus has become a trusty and convenient tool to capture images whenever I am on the go.

I’ve had experienced photographing music events, weddings, and the occasional corporate events.



Fancl Ion Store Opening (2012)


Swee Lee & Fender Presents Fender Custom Shop Roadshow (2014)


Swee Lee Music Academy’s “Plug N Play!” (2014)


Swee Lee Music Academy & Ibanez Present Tosin Abasi Workshop (2015)