Event Photography

I picked up a film camera in my young days and growing up I have gone through a roster of cameras since then. I was so happy that I could take images of the places I’d been to and keep them forever should my memory fail me.

Then one day, I discovered I could do a lot more with a camera and that’s how my interest snowballed into what it is today.

Besides my main workhorses, Canon 5D Mark III and 6D DSLRs, my iPhone 7 Plus has become a trusty and convenient tool to capture images whenever I am on the go.

I’ve had experienced photographing music events, weddings, and the occasional corporate events.



Fancl Ion Store Opening (2012)


Swee Lee & Fender Presents Fender Custom Shop Roadshow (2014)


Swee Lee Music Academy’s “Plug N Play!” (2014)


Swee Lee Music Academy & Ibanez Present Tosin Abasi Workshop (2015)