I Am, Therefore I Think And Do

Cogito Ergo Sum (“I think, therefore I am”) – Rene Descartes

This is a philosophical quote that many people have let it roll off their tongue and believe in it. Yet of late, this quote is challenged during my reading adventure.

What you think doesn’t mean you believe in it or it represents who you are. A thought has to have a source of origin, so without ‘I am’ the thought wouldn’t exist. And “I am” would have lost its meaning.

So I’m inclined to believe that when you believe you are, you think and do stemming from who you are.

I am, therefore I think and do.

i am



Sixth Haiku

Haiku Time

Haven’t done this in a while, so here’s one that many living in a city can relate to.

In the crowded train
Body to body, they pack
Like sardines in can

(I can almost imagine the smell…ewwwwww.)

Thank You

Thank you

I don’t think it’s being said often enough. Definitely not for me.

There’s much to be thankful for. Mainly these thank yous are for the people who left their footprints in my life, good or bad. In different ways, it helps me to grow and be more aware of what it takes to be a better person.

This is not said in jest. Being thankful helps me to see life in a positive light than otherwise, and life becomes easier and nicer to get by. I also realize I don’t feel in lack when I am thankful.

So, thank YOU. 🙂

Let It Go

let it go

I know. If you are reading this, some Disney animated movie is going to pop up in your head.

But no, it’s definitely not about that. It’s about letting go of the pent-up frustrations we keep inside ourselves consciously or subconsciously.

I am reminded that at the end of the day, accumulating all these frustrations or anger is only going to make things worse. Your body responds to the constant stress it is receiving from these emotions and slowly but surely something inside your body is going to break down from this stress.

And it’s easy to let the emotions get to us and let it ruminate in our heads, keep ourselves as a hostage to these feelings.

The best each of us can do for our well-being is to let these emotions go. Acknowledge them when they present themselves but eventually let them go. Your body will thank you for it.

Life Is Like Tea

life is like a cup of tea

Can’t say for others but sometimes I feel like I’ve lived my life so fast that I don’t savor and enjoy each and every moment. It’s always worrying about school, work, relationships and self that I don’t realize time has gone by in a wink.

Now that I’m older, I want to enjoy and live every moment for all its worth. The good and the bad. Take stock of the people and things around us and move on to living our best lives ahead.

Talking Is Key


I took time to explore the drawing app Procreate and it has been a steep learning curve for me in using some of its features.

Nonetheless, I am having fun and glad to have this piece of technology to help the creative process in some way. And yet, despite the conveniences technology has brought us, one thought struck me.

Our communication hasn’t necessarily improved with the advent of technology.

Technology has helped us to communicate with our loved ones located far away at the press of a button, without incurring time (i.e. snail mail) and money (i.e. IDD call charges). Yet struggles to communicate well with one another continue to exist.

It’s really how we communicate with one another that makes a difference. Quality, not quantity.

Learning to open up, talking constructively, and to provide a receptive environment that opinions and thoughts expressed are safe for the talker are some of the keys to better communication. My hope is that we never stop learning to communicate better with one another every day.

Be Thank-Full


I was going to write ‘thankful’ and I realize I can do both ‘thankful’ and ‘thank-full’, in writing and in practice.

Admittedly, life isn’t as bad as I made it out to be most of the time. I’m safe, have a roof over my head, food to eat and a handful of good friends to keep me grounded. Especially when there are countless out there who are homeless, suffering, hungry and cold, all alone.

So besides being thankful, I can be thank-full too. Be full of thanks every new day to start my life right and for the things I already have.